Memories of things, places and life.

The landscape transformation after the Second World War is a natural theme for those who live in mountain areas. The depopulation of villages and high-altitude sites and the abandonment of crops and woods is still partially legible today in the tangible and intangible memories with which local communities are confronted daily.
The “Memories of Things, Places and Life” project is a spin-off of the ARAM project ( It is part of the documentation and rediscovery process of the mountain territory of the Versilia side of the Apuan Alps, starting from the involvement of children of kindergarten, primary school and lower secondary school of the Istituto Comprensivo Martiri of Sant’Anna di Stazzema. Thanks to the collaboration between the MAPPALab team, the Multimedia Laboratory, the classes of Cultural Anthropology and Methodology of Archaeological research with the teaching staff of the Institute, boys and girls will become protagonists of the rediscovery of their territory, experimenting with archaeological and anthropological methods and
practices. Starting from discovering the abandoned school buildings in the mountain hamlets of the municipality of Stazzema, students will try to reconstruct stories and memories of mountain life in the last century, involving families and communities and retracing the paths and the activities of the children of that time.

Memory will be recovered through places, objects and narratives that will retrace different aspects and events of the recent past. Students will be involved in questioning and listening, acquiring knowledge and skills, developing a critical and comparative gaze, and refining the ability to share and present the experience.
The project envisages the active involvement of male and female students and the research group through meetings, excursions, and activities to recognise material traces and their documentation, the creation of interviews and video documentation. The results of the didactic experience will be collected on a map that will constitute one of the cognitive levels of the landscape and the territory within the ARAM project, interfacing with the census of historical, archaeological and environmental information.

• 13 December 2022: Presentation of the project to the community. “Memories of things,
places and life. Between research, excavation, and knowledge”. Cardoso (Stazzema, LU),
Palazzo della Cultura, 5.30 pm
• 6-10 February 2023: Awareness activities and presentation of the working group at the IC Martiri di San’Anna di Stazzema, Pontestazzemese (Stazzema, LU)
• 7 March 2023: Discovering the villages of Pruno and Volegno; III class of primary school.
• 15 March 2023: Discovering the town of Levigliani; II class of primary school.
• 20 March 2023: visit to the mill with the Infant School
• 22 March 2023: visit to the metato with the Kindergarten
• 29 March 2023: Archaeological survey near Pruno, III class of primary school.
• 30 March 2023: Outing to discover the towns of Mulina, Cardoso, and Farnocchia and archaeological reconnaissance; V class of primary school.
• 4 April 2023: Discovering the town of Pomezzana; IV class of primary school.
• 5 April 2023: Archaeological survey near Basati, II class of primary school.
• 18 April 2023: Archaeological survey near Pomezzana, IV class of primary school.
• May 19, 2023: Exit to discover the town of Terrinca; I class of primary school.

Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge (MAPPALab – Multimedia Laboratory – Classes of Cultural Anthropology and Methodology of Archaeological Research)
Istituto Comprensivo Martini di Sant’Anna di Stazzema

Responsibles: Francesca Anichini, Caterina Di Pasquale
Coordination: Gabriele Gattiglia, Salvatore, Claudia Sciuto, Nicola Trabucco
Working group: Elisa Paperini, Raffaele Voccia, Chiara Giovannetti, Anna Fabiola Ricciu, Lorena Bravo