It has been ten years since the tragedy of October 3, 2013, along the coasts of Lampedusa. 368 victims. In 2016, the establishment of a national day of Memory and Hospitality, but even today, we still face extreme difficulty in remembering and welcoming. We are participating in the initiatives promoted by the University of Pisa to reflect, with many different perspectives, on this date and the migration issue.
? On October 2, as the opening of the days of meetings and seminars, “Corpi estranei” (Foreign Bodies), the concluding episode of the video series “Loanding ISOLA,” will be screened. It was produced by the Multimedia Laboratory (University of Pisa, Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge), MAPPALab, and the team and students of the e-COOL project (
? On October 3, we will be in Lampedusa and will connect from there, sharing our work within the TOM project (
? On October 27, at 5:00 PM, we will conclude this month of reflections with the presentation “Archeology of the Present: Telling Migrations in Lampedusa Through Material Traces” by Francesca Anichini and the screening of some episodes of Loading ISOLA (directed by Nicola Trabucco).
All events are open to the public and welcome anyone who wishes to gain insights and engage in discussions on a topic as dramatic and current as this one.