Special educational projects: “Archeology of borders” meets “ISOLA”.
Appointment on 13 April at 9:30 am Le Benedettine Congress Center – University of Pisa, Room A.
A seminar day will be dedicated to the presentation of videos made in Versilia along the Gothic Line and in Lampedusa by the students of the Shooting course during the Archeology of borders project. We also talk about contemporary archaeology, archaeology of undocumented migration, material culture, and traces before leaving for the new archaeological and ethnographic campaign in Lampedusa scheduled for 21 to 29 April 2022.
Luisa Boeri and Alberto Iorio will present their works.
Speakers: Gabriele Gattiglia, Francesca Anichini, Nicola Trabucco, Fabio Dei, Caterina di Pasquale, Renata Pepicelli, Matteo Aria.
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