Nerone Night Experience

MAPPALab is one of the partners of the “Nerone Night Experience” project, a new cross-media narrative around the history of Roman Bath in Pisa, called “Bagni di Nerone”. We’re scheduling the events calendar for Spring- Summer 2022. Nerone Night Experience is an initiave by ‘Acquario della Memoria’ association.

Nerone Night Experience 2022
After the project, Mura Night Experience, a new collaboration between Acquario delle Memoria and MAPPALab, funded by Fondazione Pisa and the Municipality of Pisa, offers a unique involved experience in the history of the town. Through pictures, narratives, aerial images, 3D reconstructions, animated shadows, and historical iconographies, the tour starts from the Etruscan period of the city and arrives at the Roman age through involving talks and experiences.

The first dates are Monday 11, Wednesday 13, and Thursday 14 of July 2022.