On Sunday, 17 July, the Geo Park Farm in Bosa of Careggine hosts the VIII ‘Maria Ansaldi’ conference. The conference topic of this edition is ‘The unexpected charm of the Apuan landscapes’; different specialists will discuss the theme. The MAPPALab team will be present with a speech titled ‘The archaeology of the abandoned mountain’ by Francesca Anichini, Salvatore Basile, Gabriele Gattiglia and Claudia Sciuto.

Participation is free. For reservations, call +39 366 3400187.

The event is organised by the Parco Regionale delle Alpi Apuane in collaboration to “Aquilegia” Natura and Paesaggio Apuano and, the Orto botanico “Pellegrini-Ansaldi” at Pian della Fioba.