“Indagini geofisiche nell’hortus dei Praedia Iuliae Felicis (Pompei, II, 4). Risultati preliminari e prospettive.” by Stefano Urbini, Vincenzo Sapia, Valerio Materni, Marco Marchetti, Anna Anguissola, Emanuele Taccola, Riccardo Olivito. Enter in the open access journal, ArcheoLogica 1/2021, read and download the paper here https://www.mappalab.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/04_hortus.pdf. Discover the data behind the paper; raw data open data dataset ha already published on MOD repository (http://mappaproject.arch.unipi.it/mod/Documents.php?pk=609d08795dbec9.09857405). Please use and reuse them!!! #weloveopenarchaeology #sharingdata #opendata ABSTRACT: The paper presents the preliminary results ofthe integrated geophysical survey conducted in the hortus of the Praedia Iuliae Felicis (Pompeii, II, 4). The project aims to reconstruct the original arrangement of this vast open garden, belonging to one of Pompeii’s largest and most discussed buildings. Together with archaeological consideration, the information collected during the survey guided the location of three trenches, opened in the summer of 2019. Logistic constraints prevented from opening the three trenches in the points deemed most interesting according to the geophysical survey. Nonetheless, the multiparametric approach adopted for the survey provided useful data to the purposes of archaeological interpretation.