The Second edition of “R 4 aRchaeologists” winter school started on January 25! The 21 participants try their hand at both the statistical bases and those of the R programming language. During this week, attendees will learn data visualization principles and techniques, on a path that will drive them until spatial and multivariate analysis, next week, together with Nevio Dubbini (Miningful Studio), Joe Roe ( Centre for the Study of Early Agricultural Societiesat ToRS), Francesco Carrer (Newcastle Univeristy) e Gabriele Gattiglia (University of Pisa).

In order to effectively retrieve, store, manage, prepare for analysis, and communicate the information and the scientific range of archaeological data,
modern archaeologists should be able to manage new technologies and tools. The “R 4 aRchaeologists” winter school
aims for a fruitful combination of archaeology and statistics through the teaching of data analysis, data mining, and data visualization techniques, carried
out with R, an open source programming language for statistical computing and graphics, rapidly gaining popularity among the archeologists’ community.
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