The MAPPALab team will attend the conference “Digital Methods in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage” organized by the American Academy of Rome.
This conference celebrates 125 years of the American Academy in Rome and its engagement in the study of ancient monuments by looking to the future to explore the ways that digital technologies are affecting the ways we study and present the past. The celebration begins with an evening lecture on 12nd March by Martin Maischberger (Antikensammlung Berlin) on the Pergamon Panorama in Berlin, a project that takes the 19th-century concept of the cyclorama and uses digital technology to bring it into the 21st century to recreate the ancient site of Pergamon. On 13th March, a series of papers in the morning focus on different modes of digital acquisition and analysis at a variety of types of ancient archaeological sites. A major goal is to explore the ways that digital technologies are changing the questions we ask. In the afternoon session, papers will examine the new ways that archaeological information is being disseminated as well as some of the challenges faced in using it to engage the public with issues of cultural heritage. Francesca Anichini and Gabriele Gattiglia will present the contribution “Digital Revolution, Digital Archaeology. The Challenge to Manage the Communication of the Archaeological Data”. In addition, there will be computer stations set up allowing the attendees to interact with the some of the new applications and virtual reality projects.
MAPPALab team will show how ArchAIDE app works.
Program and info:
Date: March 12-13, 2020
Venue: American Academy in Rome