Presenting the new paper in ALD1/2021. “La pianificazione territoriale di Pietrelcina: l’esperienza del PUC, la definizione della carta archeologica e i nuovi dati emersi” by Simone Foresta, Stefania Paradiso, Giandomenico Ponticelli, Salvatore Scognamillo. You can read and download the paper as open access ( and you can discover grey literature and dataset on MOD repository (
Abstract: The Regional law n° 16/2004 has introduced in Campania the Municipal Urban Plan, which ruled the land-use planning of Pietrelcina. Within the same context of study and urban planning, the archaeological map was drafted on the basis of archaeological surveys added to the cartographic, bibliographic and archival studies. Recent works of preventive archaeology and new archaeological data allowed us to improve the knowledge of the landscape’s evolution and the development of the settlement in Pietrelcina’s territory.