Excited to show you the first paper that you can find in ArcheoLogica Data 1/2021. Christian Barbisan, Marie-Ange Causarano, Carlo Citter, Matteo Giovannetti, Noemi Giovino, Ylenia Paciotti, Giovanna Pizziolo, Flavia Ricci, Chiara Valdambrini, Nicoletta Volante. Le riprese del “Progetto Selvena”: dal sito archeologico al paesaggio in una prospettiva di analisi di lunga durata.” (https://www.mappalab.eu/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/02_progetoSelvena.pdf). Linked open data dataset with GEOJSO files, is available on MOD repository (http://mappaproject.arch.unipi.it/mod/Archive.php?pk=609d0717e03c49.92219756 ).

Abstract: This paper provides the first results of the new research project focused on the territory of Selvena (a medieval castle in southern Tuscany). The main difference between the new research and the old one is the perspective on the landscape as well as on the castle. We opted for a re-evaluation of the previous results starting from the still standing architecture. But we also started a new excavation outside the upper plateau where we detected a late and post-medieval sequence, whose complexity is encouraging for further research. The second main difference with the old project is the timeline that spans from the Protohistory to the 20th century CE. In the field activity this produced a stimulating cooperation between prehistorians and medieval archaeologists. This led to emphasize more the continuities in the landscape rather than the breaks. The new timeline encouraged to link the present situation with postmedieval sources and maps, as well as material records on the field. Two intriguing sites (Monte Civitella and Monte Penna) proved to be more linked to Selvena than we previously thought. They also provide evidence of protohistoric funerary and possibly ritual places.